Vintage Carb Guy



  1. Refurbishing
    Send me your carburetor and I will make it look as close to new as possible. Bead Blasting Painting Thread Repair Rebuild Kits Flange Machining Boring Intake Throat Butterfly Machining One Week Turn Around
  2. Diagnostics
    Please contact me with your specific fuel system problems and I will help you find a solution. If you are local I do house calls. Have tools will travel. Multi Carb Setups for FLATHEADS Carb Syncronizing Manifold repairs
  3. Seminars
    If your car club wants to invite me to speak at a meeting or special event, I am available to give demonstrations. Speak at your Club Meeting... TOPICS such as... Carburetor Restoration UP DRAFT & DOWN DRAFT Zenith Jets Flow Testing Rust Removal Electrolysis
  4. Zenith B parts
    Machine Parts If you are rebuilding a 1932-1933 Zenith B carburetor I may be able to help. Some hard to find parts have been machined to aerospace tolerances. Throttle Shaft GAV press fit body Float Valves


  1. Indegotruckdog
    The sun came out today, dried up the roads and I took the truck out for a spin. WOW!! The carburetor performed beautifully.
  2. Hooligan38
    This carb rebuilder is the real deal. carb performs flawlessly. I will recommend.
  3. Jim1928
    Hi, I received the B carburetor the other day and mounted it on my 28 coupe, picture attached. It idles GREAT!!!!!